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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers Article

If you think your plumbing has a leak somewhere, but you have no clue where it is, hiring a professional plumbing service such as Ron Knight Plumbing is your best bet. However, don’t hire the first one that you come across, do some research into the many services listed in your area, before you commit to the dotted line. So if you are already reading this Q&A article, then something must have piqued your interest in our company.

Why hire your company?

Our reliable plumbing contractor has been providing the residents of Albany, OR with precision workmanship, at affordable prices since 1970, which means we have our fair share of experience. In this time we have amassed an astonishing array of tools and high-end equipment, not to mention having forged a reputation for being hard-working, and attentive to detail.

Does the company accept debit or credit cards?

No, we only take cash.

Does the company only offer its services only to the residents of Albany, OR?

No, our plumber has a travel radius of 30 miles surrounding the Albany, OR area. Contact us now to find out if we cover your area.

Does the company only work with residential customers?

Yes, commercial jobs are not accepted.

Is the company licensed?

Yes, call today if you want the number.

What about discounts?

We do provide them, but they are only given to our military personnel and senior citizens. Call today for more details.

What services can the company offer me?

Please read the following list:

  • Plumbing Repair

  • Sink Repair

  • Drain Repair

  • Faucet Repair

  • Heater Replacement

Any questions are more than welcome. So if you wish to discuss any of our services in further detail, call us on the number we have included in the conclusion of this article.

What are the opening hours of Ron Knight Plumbing?

Our house plumber is available at the following times:

Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Are appointments necessary?

Yes, this is because we must talk about several things in greater detail, not to mention performing an inspection of the area that you want us to work on, which takes time, so making an appointment would be prudent.

Can I get a free estimate?

Yes, of course. And you are free to check ours against other like-minded services in the vicinity, but, if you do speak to anyone that wants money for this, immaterial of how small, be wary, or, our advice, walk away.

Is there comments/input yet from clients with regard to the services provided?

Yes, this is when you will need to look at our testimonials page if you want further information on our services.

To draw things to a close now, as you should have all the confidence needed to proceed, thanks in part to our questions and answers post. If you would like to make an appointment with our drain unclogging service or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to contact us today at this number (541) 928-7279 within our business hours.

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