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Professional Care, Repair and Replacement for your plumbing system

Family owned business for over 60 years

Family owned business for over 60 years

If you need a plumbing contractor located in Albany OR, you should contact Ron Knight Plumbing at (541) 928-7279. Plumbing problems can vary from small ones to major nightmares. Depending on the problem we will find the proper solution. Our wide experience gives us an advantage when compared with other companies. We strive to stay current on all new plumbing techniques and utilize the newest equipment to get the job done. If you need experienced plumbing specialist who provides quick, efficient, and affordable service, it is a good idea to contact Ron Knight Plumbing.

Our company has been working as a plumbing contractor for 60 years. As a successful plumbing service provider, our company takes pride in the number of returning customers. Since day one, it is our goal to help our customers with all of their plumbing issues using over 60 years of combined plumbing knowledge. It is our duty when we receive a call to arrive as fast as possible and take immediate actions after we locate the problem. Most of the calls we have are from customers with serious plumbing system breakdown. We are very familiar with Albany OR and the surrounding area and this helps us to reach our customers faster.

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Many Thanks For Job Well Done

I have been a loyal client to Ron Knight Plumbing for many years. This plumbing contractor has been really helpful fixing and installing things in my home. Over the years, I have always trusted them to repair every broken pipe or clean the clogged drains in my property. I keep spreading their name as much as I can because Ron Knight Plumbing really worth a try.



  • Water heater repairs and installations
  • Toilet repairs and installation
  • Faucet repair and installation
  • Hose bib replacment and repair
  • Garbage disposal installation
  • Water leak repairs inside and out
  • Drain line repair
  • Manufactured home plumbing repairs
  • Water repipe
  • Plumbing remodel
  • Small drain clearing
  • Fixture replacements
  • Replacement of service mains

We work with remodeling contractors or homeowners wishing to remodel their baths or kitchens.




We serve Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon and service area within 30 mile radius

Our focus is to provide quality plumbing service

Your individual plumbing needs are importantIf the situation is an emergency you can rely on Ron Knight Plumbing, we can give you advice how to lower the damages caused by broken pipes until we arrive. Our plumbers will treat you and your property with respect because we know that relations with people are significant to make you a returning client. We won’t make a mess at your home. Our plumbing experts are specially trained and know how to do their job perfectly. We want to you to feel satisfied with the plumbing service, when we leave your place.

As a part of our services,  we provide all kinds of the plumbing system installation, drain cleaning, fixing and replacing broken pipes and more. If you are interested and want to know more about our service, you can contact us at (541) 928-7279. If you are building a new home we have the tools and equipment to get the job done correctly. With over 60 years of experience,  our company is qualified as a brilliant plumbing contractor in Albany OR. Our plumbing technicians can install the beautiful bathtub or massaging shower you have always wanted.

The services of our plumber are available upon a requestIf your house has an old piping system it may be in danger. The piping materials used before 1970 can rust over time and this will lead to low water pressure and brown tint in your bath or sink water. If you notice some of these signs your pipes need to be replaced with copper or PEX. Give Ron Knight Plumbing a call at (541) 928-7279 and we will send you our team. The work of a plumber includes going inside customers properties. Unlike many plumbing companies we take care not to make a mess, no matter in what part of the house we are. If you need a plumber with a friendly attitude, great skills and experience, hire Ron Knight Plumbing. It will be an honor to become your local plumbing contractor. Plumbing installation or repair, we can do them all just give us a call at (541) 928-7279.

Ron Knight Plumbing
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